Elemental NatureSM Facial This is a customised facial based on your specific needs and will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed. Essential oils and aromas containing pure flower and plant essences are used to re-balance your skin.
60 mins 69,00 € 90 mins 89,00 €

Botanical Skin Resurfacing Facial A natural alternative to micro-dermabrasion. This treatment uses the power of Aveda’s Tourmaline charged products combined with a high-touch approach, proven to leave the skin with a smoother texture and increased radiance. 60 mins 69,00 €

Green ScienceTM Anti-Ageing Facial A combination of Green ScienceTM products and high-touch skin therapy to renew, repair and regenerate the skin. This unique treatment is clinically proven to lift and firm the skin and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 90 mins 99,00 €

Outer PeaceTM Blemish Relief Facial A total solution for blemished skin which includes deep cleansing, removal of blackheads and milia. This includes advice on diet and lifestyle tips.
60 mins 69,00 € / 90 mins 89,00 €

EnbrightenmentTM A combination of the powerful plant technology of the EnbrightenmentTM products and high-touch skin therapy to help reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and improve visible skin clarity. Featuring Asian-inspired massage techniques for deep relaxation and healthy skin functioning, this treatment helps to achieve an evening of the skin tone as well as overall skin luminosity. 60 mins 69,00 € / 90 mins 89,00 €